The Pituitary World News Podcast

S8E11: A conversation with Amryt’s new president for the Americas, Sheila Frame

June 7, 2022

We caught up with Sheila a few weeks ago at the Acromegaly Community Conference near San Francisco. We had a captivating chat about Mycapssa (oral octreotide), the new and only oral medication for the treatment of Acromegaly, where we learned about the drug since its introduction 18 months ago. But we also wanted to know about Amryt, a newcomer to the US and soon to all the Americas. We talked about Amryt's start in Dublin, Ireland, just six years ago, its philosophy, brand, and plans. We also took advantage of Sheila's extensive experience in healthcare to ask about her views. We touched on rare disease diagnoses, the state of endocrinology drug development in the US and globally, access to medication, patient support, and the burden of dealing with insurance issues, specifically those related to prior authorizations.

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