The Pituitary World News Podcast

S8E10: Valuable insights from actual pituitary medicine practice

May 30, 2022

This session presents more musings based on the actual practice of pituitary medicine. These insights derived from real cases include discussions of issues with Growth Hormone and the problems physicians have when they prescribe it. You don't want to miss this enlightening segment. Also, in the session, the recent Covid-19 surge and dexamethasone dose adjustments, and an interesting empty sella with an enlarged pituitary gland, you might find insightful. On the "be careful of what you read on the internet" front, a few postings on Facebook on gadolinium and the connection between mold and pituitary tumors misinformation flying around on the internet. Lastly, Dr. Blevins muses about adrenal and pituitary Cushing's from a recent case. We close with a look at telemedicine and discuss some changes that may not be that good for patients regarding the evolving issues about access to treatment by specialists across state lines. Stay tuned for more insights on this vital telemedicine access issue and how to help us advocate for patient choice and access by experienced specialists, regardless of where you live.  

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